5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene and How This Bedtime Gummy Can Help.

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Sleep is important.

Good quality sleep boosts immunity, lowers the risk of dementia, and maintains mental health. 

If you have poor sleep, you’re NOT alone.

Join hundreds of people who are sleeping better with the sleep hygiene tips below.

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1. Boost Your Melatonin

There is a lot of misinformation about melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is released naturally by the pineal gland at night. It tells the brain that it is time to hit the hay. 

But did you know that blue light from screens could suppress it? Try turning off gadgets an hour before bed. If that’s tough, you can also buying orange glasses that block blue light from reaching your eyes.

If you’re going to take melatonin, make sure you are taking the amount. Just a little is enough. In fact, taking too much is harmful to the body. 

Deep Sleep Reishi contains the perfect amount – 0.3mg. This amount mimics the body’s natural physiologic release of melatonin.

2. Reduce Stress

Have you ever tossed and turned worrying about the next day’s big meeting?

Stress can sneak up on you, affecting sleep quality even when you don’t feel anxious. 

Get moving with exercise to work off the stress or dive into mindfulness to calm the mind. 

Deep Sleep Reishi contains reishi, which is an adaptogen to help the body adapt to stress by regulating cortisol levels. It also contains chamomile and passion flower which also help reduce stress.

3. Establish a Nighttime Routine.

Routines help cue our brains that it is time to do a certain task.

Setting a bedtime routine can help your subconscious mind unwind so that by the time you lay down, you fall asleep instantly.

Consider incorporating some of the following into your nighttime routine: Taking a warm bath, using essential oils, indulging in a foot soak, or cuddling with your dog. 

Whatever your routine might be, just remember that it should not be too stimulating and should be done consistently every night.

And why not include a Deep Sleep Reishi gummy in your routine as so many others have done? It’s a gummy that can easily be kept at the bedside and enjoyed as a part of a new nighttime routine.

4. Limit Sensory Input

It’s clear that noises interrupt sleep, but so does other sensory input.

Aim for a pitch-dark room with black out curtains or a sleep mask.

Consider switching off gadgets that produce noise. This includes radios or TVs that may be playing in the background. Some people even use white noise machines to drown out other ambient noise.

There are even other senses to consider. Waking up to pee is one of the most common nighttime interruptions. Restricting water intake in the evening can greatly decrease this possibility.

Deep Sleep Reishi is a gummy that can be taken without water. Enjoy the natural berry taste as you drift off to sleep. 

5. Tackle Any Pain Areas

Pain can be a major sleep disruptor, often keeping you from deep sleep.

Got neck pain? Check your pillow – it shouldn’t tilt your head up or down.

Back pain? Your mattress might be due for a change if it’s been over a decade. 

And don’t forget, your doctor might have some other recommendations and exercises that can help your musculoskeletal complaints in the long run.

Sleep isn’t just a break— It’s a vital part of your health. Simple changes and a little help from Deep Sleep Reishi could make all the difference!