The sleep supplement industry hasn't changed much in recent years. Most sleep supplements use the same ingredients to support sleep that were used over 20 years ago.

As a doctor who struggled with sleepless nights and mental fog during the day, I found myself unhappy with the available options.

Antihistamines and high-dose melatonin provided temporary relief but weren't sustainable solutions. Prescription meds? An even less attractive option.

That's when my search led me to Reishi mushroom. When combined with other adaptogens, it completely changed the game. I felt like myself again—energized and clear-headed.

Just imagine waking up in the morning, excited to embrace the day and feeling ready to get up and go – that's how I feel now!

And yes, I still use it every day.

Filled with excitement to help others experience the same benefits, I founded bud&nectar.

If you're in search of a budget-friendly supplement, I'm afraid our product is not a match for you. However, if you're seeking top-notch supplements, I encourage you to give us a try.

I eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to our community of empowered individuals dedicated to quality sleep and holistic well-being.

Trust us to bring you to better health,

Dr. Cheng, MD
Founder of bud&nectar


    The dosages and ingredients are based on scientific evidence and customer feedback. Tested. Refined. Perfected.


    Trying is believing. Give our supplements a shot, and if you don’t notice the change, we’ll refund you your money–no questions asked


    The supplement industry often finds the cheapest ingredients possible. Our supplements are made in the USA by local businesses.

Our Customers Love Us.

Finally, after 2 years of struggling, my sleep is returning to a regular sleep cycle.

Alicia Evans
Hartford, CT

I don’t know which ingredient is working…but it’s working well. I’m sleeping better than I ever have without any side effects or lingering brain fog.

James Stefancik
Palm Springs, CA

The gummy is slightly bitter, but who cares! It works and that’s all that matters to me.

Charlene Hou
Denver, CO